Adam Belanger – Key Grip

Kevin Carragher – 1st AD
Kevin Carragher, a graduate of Maine Media College, is a filmmaker and teacher. He has taught filmmaking to teenagers at the Maine Media Workshops and also screenwriting to children at Spells Writing Lab in Philadelphia. Kevin recently directed the pilot episode of the web series “The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth” and is currently working on a feature-length screenplay.

Cole Christine – Dolly Grip
Cole is a freelance cinematographer/camera assistant and After Effects specialist.
His recent projects include work on Joel Strunk’s feature “Anatomy of the Tide” and Caroline von Kuhn’s “Like the Water”; shows and commercials for Xterra, PBS, The Discovery Channel, Breville and Hannaford; and several music videos and web series.

Heather Daniels – Editor
I was born of and around the Boston area, and with a bit of help, raised into a living, breathing adult. One who enjoys music (rather obsessively), drives, exploring the outdoors, filming, editing and recording others’ tunes. I started working at a television station in my early teens and never looked back. I combined these interests into a degree in video production and audio engineering from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. Since then, I have been a self-proclaimed vagabond, moving from place to place, putting my visual-audio skills to work. This work has taken me from upstate New York to Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and everywhere in between. My work has shown up in all kinds of nooks and crannies, including Prefix Magazine, Kanine Records, FM Television, Absent Fever, Invisible Children, The Creators Project, multiple film festivals and noted music blogs.

Melissa Formica – Hair & Make up

Ashton Harrewyn – Gaffer

Brent Harrewyn – Dolly Grip & Set Photographer

Virginia Hastings – Production Designer

Josh Jenks – 1st AD, Swing

Theresa Nessel – Swing

Keith Nolan – Sound

Kristine Reeder – Production Supervisor

Rocki Rock – PA
Rocki Rock came from the bumpy Catskill mountain backdrop of Hudson, New York, growing up in a house her Grandfather was raised in. Her Dad would play her Buddy Holly on his guitar and dance with her to The Police. She went to Suny Purchase for screenwriting and started writing music while attending a summer long filmmaking course in Maine at Maine Media Workshops.

Katheryn Smith – Wardrobe

Kyle Wullschleger – 1st AC

Meg Valentine – Production Coordinator